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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

C is for Craft

I forgot all about this!

The next in my alphabet series, C is a golden yellow in my mind, kind of like marigold.  I found some pretty beads and velvet, and adapted the letter from Designer Bead Embroidery:
Someday maybe I'll actually have a decent banner for my blog.


  1. This is so elegant and beautiful. Is it attached to the background fabric? If so, what is the fabric? Makes me want to try stitching with beads....

  2. Thanks! It's bead embroidery, on a scrap of fabulous, drape-y velvet. You should try it! You can buy books with stitch guides, or you can just use very thin needle (beading, appliqué, or even a size 10-11 sewing needle), pick up some seed beads, and play around with it.