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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quilt Fest of New Jersey IX!

On Saturday I had the lovely treat of heading to the quilt show with friends; I provided them with a car, and they provided me with an excuse to do something I had not done in years.  The quilts on display were absolutely gorgeous, and quite varied in technique, style, topic, material, pretty much every variable imaginable.  I forgot my camera, of course, so borrowed a friend's, and when I get the pictures sorted I'll post my favorites.

In the meantime, I can show off what bought (I told myself to avoid fabric and books, which I can get easily in lots of places).  From an incredible booth devoted to all sorts of vintage and vintage-y trim (whose card I forgot to get):
Buttons, a button stack thingie that might possibly be bakelite (I'll have to test it) and which I will make into a ring, shapes cut from antique quilts, two pairs of doohickeys I will make into earrings, and trim that looks like a measuring tape.

From Handloom Batik:
These gorgeous beads which will make a fabulous necklace, possibly strung and knotted onto a shimmery ribbon.

From a delightful wool booth:
Some awesome patterns ("My Wool Crazy Year" April and October) and a piece of wool fabric I could not resist.

From another trim booth:
The main focus of this booth was providing white trim and the fancy paints and colors to dye it.  I'm not really into that aspect of fiber arts, however, so I'll either leave these trims as-is or dye them with something simple like tea or watered-down acrylics.

So many ideas percolating . . . .

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