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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilt Fest of New Jersey IX Pictures

Ok, a caveat -- the images are not great, because as I said I borrowed a friend's camera and it took me a while to figure out the settings.  Also, getting them onto my computer took some doing, so the resolution is not great.  But the quilts are fabulous, so that helps.

I think "Euphoria" by Marilyn Badger was my favorite:
I loved the combo of orange (but a really pretty, interesting orange!) with teal, and the gorgeous, ornate pattern.  The quilting, too, was phenomenal, because she used contrasting quilting that added more ornate detail (the photos really don't do justice to the lushness of the embellishment):

I also really liked Ann Horton's "Life Everlasting":

I think the skulls were machine embroidered; unfortunately, her blurb about the quilt did not go into a lot of detail about her techniques.

Nancy S. Breland's  "Twinkling Stars" is like my doily quilt, but a lot more impressive with the giant doily perfectly placed and the thousands of beads:

Ever since the Folk Art Museum's Infinite Variety show, red and white quilts have been super popular, and the quilt show had a whole section of them.  The stand-out by far was Toby Gluckstern's "Metamorphosis," based on Escher's famous woodcut:

The detail is incredible.  The fish's eyes, for example, go from well-defined beads and sequins to embroidered asterisks to tiny french knots, as the fish lose their form.

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