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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

B Is for Book

And for Birds, as in killing two of them with one stone.  I've been meaning to create some sort of banner for this site, and I thought I'd find different crafty ways to spell out the title.

I've also been wanting to start an alphabet series.  While I hesitate to call myself a synesthete, all my life letters have had a color in my mind (so do numbers, something I didn't even realize until recently).  Not all the letters have a really strong color, and in some cases the meaning of the word can change the color a bit, but yeah -- B has always been reddish-orange, like the Bittersweet Crayola marker I had as a teen.

So combining these two projects was pretty obvious.  The B I printed up and oh-so-carefully-but-not-very-smoothly cut out.  I glued it onto a pretty floral segment from a card I received ages ago (I knew I was saving it for a good reason!) and then sandwiched the whole thing between two panes of glass;  soldering sealed it up.  It's only the second thing I've ever soldered, and you can tell.  But I am very grateful to Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories, which taught me an alternative to a "beaded" soldered look -- a thick, rounded edge of solder rather than a flat painted edge -- which I had a hard time with on my first soldering project.

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