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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dressing up a Skirt

I had a lovely weekend visiting Beadmom and Fr. Beadbrother recently.  One of the things we did was trek out to a quilt store I had read about in Quilt Sampler at some point -- Quilter's Corner.  That's where I found some gorgeous ribbon by Kaffe Fassett, including a black ribbon with brightly-colored floral bullseye thingies.  I picked it up without any idea of how I would use it, of course, but as it was being cut I realized it would be perfect at the hem of the 15 year old short black skirt I wear all the time (boy will I be sad when that skirt finally falls apart). 

When I got home I set to sewing the ribbon on.  The skirt is very slippery, so I was too chicken to do it by machine, but I think the handstitching will hold.

A close-up of the pretty, pretty ribbon:

The back is as pretty as the front.  I may make a bracelet from it:

For a mother's day present, Beadmom treated me to beads.  Among others, I picked up this pendant by Gaea Handmade:
I think it would look great strung on the hemp cord, with carved bone beads and green powder glass beads from Africa I also picked up.  I'm looking forward to rummaging through my stash to find more
 for the necklace.

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