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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, That Took a Long Time

I finally finished the monsterbubbles Christmas ornament stitched on copper mesh:
Like I explained then, sewing through the mesh was a big pain.  I had to poke holes through the waste canvas into the mesh first, and use very short lengths of thread because the repeated pulling through the copper caused the thread to break easily.  The edges of the mesh kept catching the threads, too, and I poked myself with the super sharp needle more than a few times.  Removing the waste canvas also took quite a bit of time.  Long story short -- as neat as it is to cross stitch on unconventional materials, I'm in no hurry to do it again.

Once the cross stitch was done I punched holes of different sizes in the surrounding copper, and whip-stitched the edges.  By then I was done done done working with the mesh, so to finish it I simply trimmed the edges and folded them over twice.  Good enough!

In the meantime, monsterbubbles appears to have closed down, or gone on hiatus, which is too bad.  Heather Holland Daly had some beautiful designs, including a partridge I'm working on now (on linen).

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