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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blanket Stitch Sampler

I made this years ago but only finished it now:
The (very basic) idea came from from Quilting Arts magazine, back when they showcased more handwork, and had artists experimenting with different embroidery stitches.  I took a package of Christmas-colored decorative threads and a piece of burlap, which had a low-enough thread count to accommodate the thick and varied strands.  Then I set to work stitching sections of blanket stitch all over, threading ribbons through some sections, layering on more stitches, and adding a few blanket stitch wheels.

I've backed it with heavy-duty interfacing, delicate cream silk from and old slip, and then white felt to keep it stiff.  And in a flash of inspiration two hours ago, I added two grommets at the top, creating a quick and interesting way to hang it.

I want to do more like this, especially with feather stitch -- that would lend itself well to a variety of textures and weights.


  1. Nice experiment! And yes... feather stitch would be great to play with. Long and short armed...