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Friday, February 10, 2012

Impromptu Heart Sampler

On Wednesday I had to teach Beadboy2's kindergarten class a craft, so of course I chose embroidery. Like embroidery I've done with Beadboy2, I used plastic needles (ordered really cheap online!), burlap, and wool thread. To save time and frustration I threaded and knotted the needles beforehand, and even knotted the thread to the needles to avoid having to rethread them. The demonstration was a success, in that the kids had a lot of fun, and the results were varied and tangled and crumpled and cute.

On the train ride into the city after, I realized I had a scrap of burlap and some wool thread left, so right on the train I started a little sampler:
I used a variety of techniques: cross stitch, couching, fly stitch (hat tip to Wild Olive), detached chain stitch, queen stitch (it forms a blunt diamond, and three nested together make a pointy heart), rhodes stitch, back stitch, french knots (a miniature version of a french knot heart I made ages ago and which I will blog about at some point), and satin stitch.

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