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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Book Review and a Carmen Miranda Necklace

Miss Scarlet's School for Patternless Sewing is the second book by Kathy Cano Murillo, and like her first, it was fun and light and colorful. Miss Scarlet is a young woman who wants to be a fashion designer, and whose style is heavily influenced by the fictional Daisy de la Flora (whose designs sound awesome). She sets up the classes to raise money, and bonds with her students which include an elderly woman with a mysterious connection to Daisy. There are no surprises here, and like Cano Murillo's previous novel the point is the healing power of art and craft. Also? More typos. The publishers really need to improve their editing process. Or hire me -- I'll proofread!

Anyway, in addition to providing me an enjoyable read, the book also inspired me. Carmen Miranda and her style of accessories are mentioned more than once, including the fruity jewelry she was famous for. I had a little collection of glass fruit beads, so fun and colorful earrings seemed like a no brainer.

Unfortunately, once I had wired the beads together I realized the resulting cluster was way too heavy for an earring, so I made it a pendant instead. I strung it with some cheap green glass beads and a few flower dangles to balance the pendant, and now I have my very own "Carmen Miranda necklace":
I'll have to make some matching earrings next.

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