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Monday, August 1, 2016

Folkloric Embroidery

Last year I got Clare Youngs' Folk Art Needlecraft, but as I wrote then I found the information on different styles of folk art disappointing.  The patterns themselves, however, were not disappointing at all, and I had a great deal of fun stitching nine lovely designs.  I sewed them all into a banner to hang over my bay window:

Close-ups of the different panels:

I also had a lot of fun trying new-to-me stitches, like the palestrina stitch, chemanthy stitch, knotted cretan stitch, whipped lazy daisy stitch, and something from a Russian website with no information that I'll call a whipped thistle stitch.

I tried for days to get a good picture of the entire banner, but the lighting -- exterior and interior -- wouldn't cooperate.  The (pathetic) best I could do:
It looks so much better in person.


  1. Your banner looks great. I especially like the hennaed hand and the motif below it.

    1. Thanks! They were a lot of fun to stitch.