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Saturday, July 30, 2016

"This is a good cure for when you're bored!"

So said Beadboy2, when I introduced him to perler beads.  He's gone nuts making weapons and other doodads inspired by Minecraft:
He likes to iron the heck out of them

It's been a busy summer, filled with doctor's appointments, therapy sessions, official forms to fill out, and meetings with DOE officials, plus whatever free activities I could find to entertain Beadboy2.  I'm glad he has another outlet for his creativity.

I made a couple of doodads, too:
I need to practice my ironing technique, too
I'd like to finished the perimeter of the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, if I can get more turquoise beads (I used up a lot making that diamond sword).  The trio of purple flowers might make a cute pendant.

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