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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crocheted Jewelry Was the Inevitable Next Step

Crocheted wrap bracelets are all over pinterest, so it didn't take very long for me to try one.  Hemp is the material of choice, but I didn't like working with it; even with a strand thin enough to go through gemstone beads, the cord was too stiff:
Moreover, I was working with an autumnal palette, and the hemp cord was just too light.  I tried a brown linen thread from my embroidery stash next, but while the color and feel were nice, it was way too flimsy and stretchy:
At my local craft store I found beading cord designed for Kumihimo, and that gave me the color, strength, and softness I wanted.
The stones are jasper, aventurine, agate, coral, and amber, with some faceted glass beads for a little sparkle.  The clasp is made from a large, rough turquoise bead and a stone chip from a mysterious yellow stone (I really wish I had kept track of the names of all the gemstones I've bought over the years).

I intended it as a wrap bracelet:
But I can also wear it as a necklace:

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