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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Quiet Book for a Not So Quiet Boy

I made a concerted effort to make gifts for the kids this year, and first up was a quiet book for Beadboy3, based on a late 70s pattern my mom found in her stash.  It turned out to be a tremendous amount of work, sucking up most of my crafting time for December.  On the bright side, I made the whole thing from my stash (except for a shoelace, which I still have to buy), and Beadboy3 loves it.

The construction of the pages is quite clever -- a large rectangle (I used my husband's old shirts) is folded in half to make two pages; once those were embellished,  I sewed the rectangle right sides together to make the leaf, turned it out, top-stitched the opening, and inserted grommets.  Binder rings attached to the inside spine of the cover go through the grommets, making for sturdy but easily-turned leaves.

It's been gloomy for weeks, so the colors in the pictures are all off.

I replaced the football from the leaflet for this shoe, because we are a baseball family!

I replaced the "braid Rapunzel's hair" page with this

Another page I replaced; the original held crayons and paper

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