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Friday, February 22, 2013

Purple Prettiness

I've had a yucky week, so let's look at something pretty:

This piece started with the cheesecloth.  Some years ago I was painting . . . something, and keeping in mind an idea about not wasting paint I got from some . . . book (I think it was about mixed media) (my memory is great, isn't it? I should keep notes about my projects), I dabbed the leftover paint onto a chunk of cheesecloth.

Once it dried, and I realized the open weave of the cloth would be perfect for free-form cross stitch, the next step was easy -- use a variegated thread to "sprinkle" cross stitches all over, anchoring the cheesecloth to a piece of silk.

Given the organic, loosey--goosey feel of the embroidery, I wanted to leave the frayed edges of silk exposed.  That required mounting it onto another background, this time purple wool.  For interest I first felted on some burgundy wool roving, before attaching the silk with fusible web.

It still needed something, so I used another variegated thread to border the silk with deliberately uneven feather stitch. 

A close-up of the embroidery:

I need to trim the edges of the wool a bit, but I think I am otherwise done.

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