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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cinderella's Prince

Because of Hurricane Sandy, Beadboy2's "Book Character Day" was postponed from Halloween to Valentine's Day (thanks so much for telling us just a few days before, school!).  And of course, Beadboy2 no longer wanted to be a knight.  After yet another argument over whether he could be Batman (the school does not recognize comic books as a legitimate form of literature), and my trying in vain to get him to be Sloppy Joe (so easy to do!), he decided on the prince from this beautiful retelling of Cinderella.

This, I could work with.  He wore his knight costume, minus the plastic armor parts, which left him with a silver tunic and black leggings.  I took a rectangle of purple polyester "shantung silk" and hemmed it on three sides.  On the top I sewed a casing, ran through it a length of black cord, and sewed onto the ends large silver buttons (to keep the cord from slipping out of the casing).  Along the bottom of the cloak I top-stitched on a wide black ribbon with silver details, a lucky find that matched his costume perfectly.

(I had to wrestle the cloak away from Beadboy2 long enough to take a picture, and if you look closely you can already see signs of wear; he puts his clothes through a lot.) (Also, that's his nerf sword in the picture, as he readied to pounce and take back the cloak.)

For the crown, I cut out a suitably pointy piece of cardboard and covered it with tin foil, and glitter-glued on some plastic "gemstones." The remaining length of black and silver trim was just enough to fit around his head.

I keep telling myself "no more homemade costumes," but I just can't help it.  It doesn't help that Beadboy2 is so stubborn and opinionated.


  1. I love home made costumes :) You did a great job on that cape & crown, good job, mom!