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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blood Orange and Clementine Granita

This is a recipe I actually adapted from Everyday Food. The recipe called for carefully emptying twelve clementines to use as little bowls, scraping them and freezing them and rolling them in sugar and so on, and that was the first step to go, because really.

The recipe also called for two cups of juice, from 24 clementines, but I apparently had extra juicy ones because only six got me more than a cup of juice:

And here's where I began deviating from the recipe.  We had two blood oranges in the fridge, and I love love love them, so I used them to get the rest of the juice:
Such a pretty color!

Next I boiled together a quarter of a cup of water and sugar each.  The recipe called adding a piece of ginger to the mix, but ginger is not my favorite, and more importantly I didn't have any.  Instead I used a cinnamon stick, a classic pairing with citrus (and it was right there on my kitchen counter!)

Once the simple syrup cooled I added it to the juice, along with a tablespoon of lemon juice, poured it into a glass 8x8 pan, and stuck it in the freezer for a few hours.

There wasn't a lot of room in there, so it froze a little lopsidedly:

Rake it gently with a fork, or stab it forcefully, depending on your mood:


This was absolutely delicious -- the tang of the blood oranges worked with the clementines, and the cinnamon added a bit of complexity.  I'm sure ginger would also be good, or mint.  It was also a very easy and forgiving recipe; it'd be even easier if you used some fancy juices from a store.

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