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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pretty Daisies

I love daisies -- so pretty, so cheerful.  Beadmom had a long-haired calico named Daisy:

Beadmom also used to sing this song (sometimes to the cat).  One of my all-time favorite shows is Pushing Daisies.  Lisa at "A Cuppa Tea With Me" embroidered some absolutely gorgeous daisies.

My daisies are the beaded variety.  Like every girl who falls in love with seed beads, I made this daisy chain bracelet ages ago:

More recently, I made these earrings:

So of course, when I saw Huib Peterson's Daisy Chain project in the April issue of Bead&Button, I had to make it.  Aren't these daisies pretty?

There is a split in the stem, so that they can be linked together, like a real daisy chain:
Peterson's original design had a toggle clasp incorporated into two of the daisies, but that offended my sense of purity, so I simply made the split in the last daisy big enough to fit over the head of the first one.

A pretty summer bracelet, just in time for fall:

(Pay no attention to the yellow bead in one of the petals; that's what I get for finishing a daisy late at night in a darkened room.)

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