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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Does that Sparkle for You?

I bought these earrings on a whim:

But they needed a necklace, so I whipped this up with crystals left over from another project:

It was quite easy.  Make five (or four or six or whatever) dangles from crystals and headpins:

Thread another crystal onto an eyepin:

and then thread on the five dangles, arranging them if necessary so that they nest together:

Add another crystal on top and close off the eyepin with a loop:

Make two more components with one crystal each:

Cut two lengths of chain and attach a clasp component to one end of each:
You can do what I did, which was cut lengths of chain that look like they might be right, and cut off links later because the necklace was too long.  Or decide how long a necklace you want, subtract the length of the center and two side components and the length of the clasp, and then cut that in half.  But that takes planning.

Cut off smaller segments from each chain length (mine are 1.5 inches long), and start linking them up:


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