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Monday, March 7, 2011

Jewelry Round-Up

A few jewelry projects I've been working on:

Remember these daisy earrings? I wasn't thrilled with them -- aside from how big they are, I thought the green beads on the headpins were boring and the daisies themselves swung around a lot, so that they rarely "faced" front. Then I realized these earrings I bought a while back, buttons sewn onto felt, offered the solution. So I cut circles slightly larger than the daisies out of green wool felt, sewed on the daisies, and backed them with more circles:
I like this a lot better, and can't wait to wear them for spring. If only the weather would cooperate . . .

This necklace I made in December, but it got lost in the Christmas hullabaloo:
The pattern, by Aasia Hamid, is from an old issue of Bead & Button and can be found here. I ended up with the wrong size cylinder beads (not sure how; I bought them a couple of years ago) so I had to make some adjustments. The Swarovski crystal pendants I bought way back in 2005, on the last real vacation I took (sigh). The pendants were half off so I snatched up these and some in a pretty periwinkle color, and I'm glad to find a use for them.

This necklace I started last year and finished today:
The beads are vintage, from the French General stash of Christmas beads I've mentioned before. I like the bright cranberry color.

Finally, while the Beadboys were watching Sesame Street I restrung a broken strand of cheapo Indian beads:
This is the second time I've had to restring them. I bought them fourteen years ago, three different strands for ten dollars (one of the others has also broken a few times, but the other one has held up well). Funny how I remember the store and the purchase so well; there's no particular reason why I should.

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