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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Been a Year . . .

Since I started the 36 Squares project. I knew I had no chance of finishing it in 36 days, but I thought I could get it done in a year. Given the progress I made the last few weeks I really thought I had a shot, only to realize on Sunday that I started sewing this on March 20 last year. I think what screwed me up was the fact that Easter is so much later this year. I remembered doing the first square close to Easter, Palm Sunday weekend to be precise, so that has been the end date in my mind. Perhaps I should go by the liturgical calendar; then I have a few more weeks to finish the last six squares.

In the meantime, square 30:
We had a couple of lovely days of spring, so I embroidered one of my favorite flowers -- lilacs (the colors aren't quite accurate, but I really love this combination). The two bushes in front of my house have just started to bud, and by late spring they should be filled with fragrant, dark purple blossoms.

Of course, this morning it snowed, so Spring giveth and it taketh away.

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  1. These may be my favorite, the are so incredibly pretty, J.