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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lilies of the Valley

Another favorite of mine:
This is a modification of an old pattern from Piecework (I should subscribe again), using embroidery stitches traditionally used in Madeira. The flowers are made with the bastido stitch, a kind of padded satin stitch, the stems and border are ponto de cordão stitch, similar to split stitch, and the leaf is the matiz stitch, like an uncontrolled long and short stitch.


  1. So elegant! This is going to be an amazingly diverse and lovely piece.

    (I feel like every attempt I make at long and short stitch winds up "uncontrolled." Now I'm going to start to call is matiz stitch!)

  2. Thanks, and yeah, heh, my long-and-short's not very "controlled" either.