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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little Stitching Goes a Long Way

The advantage of a project like this is that it really doesn't take much sewing to get a lot of impact. I was able to embellish four of the dots on the fabric this weekend:
(I'm getting really mad at my camera. The green of the fabric is completely washed out.)

Close ups. A shisha mirror:
I attached a shisha mirror with yellow thread, encircled it with pink feather stitch, and added purple and orange beads. There are lots of techniques for attaching the mirrors; for this one, I used a sort of modified buttonhole stitch, and I plan to use the "shisha stitch" to attach another.

A fake shisha mirror:
This shisha is not an actual mirror, but a plastic ring covered in blue with a reflective sequin attached to the back. I sewed it on and surrounded it with french knots, long stitches, and beads.

More french knots and beads:
surrounded by a loose chain stitch and bugle beads, to allow the colors of the fabric to show through.

An organic-looking burst:
I used seed stitches in the center of a beaded ring, and then added french knots, fly stitches, and more beads.

I already have a plan for this piece when it is finished. Remember this? I want to put that and this on twelve inch squares of some fancy fabric (maybe crazy patchwork), make two more embellished circle pieces, and put all four together for a wall hanging.