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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fabric Hunting Was Much Easier

My original plan was to pick a light purply-blue fabric, which I thought would contrast nicely with the leafy greens and teal I was intending to use. However, because I had to buy new threads, I couldn't quite get the shades I was envisioning. So I went through my fabric stash, looking for a good neutral. White and off-white were out, because I wanted the white thread to stand out. Blues and purples were out, as I explained above. Posie gets Cozy used a brownish olive fabric in her kit, and I thought of using something similar, but it wouldn't work with the threads I chose -- plus, I wanted to make mine a little different. I finally settled on a greyish-pink linen, remnant of a skirt I wore for years until the waistband finally stretched out too far to fix. (I used another piece of this fabric for my Bear Footprints embroidery). I think (hope) this will work nicely with the reds and greens.

I traced the design with a permanent pen, a fine-point Sharpie, as per Posie's instructions, which was horribly nerve-wracking. And then, finally, I could start sewing:


  1. This looks like it's going to be great when it's done, such lovely stitching

  2. Thanks. Now if only I had the time to stitch . . .