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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cross Stitch New and Old

Cross stitch projects tend to take me a long time, so no wonder my seasonal patterns are a little out of date. I finished Cool Christmas into an ornament, after Christmas day itself but still during the season, so I guess that's not too bad:
I cut a piece of green wool felt with a rotary cutter and a wavy blade, and appliqued the cross stitch onto it. I punched a hole and added a hanger made from metallic thread, then realized that was probably not a good idea, so I reinforced the area around the hole with a little glue.

I used the same idea to finish another cross stitch ornament that had been floating around my craft room for years:
It's a Prairie Schooler design from the 2003 issue of Christmas Ornaments.

Last week I finished the jack o' lantern pattern, and only three months after Halloween!
I'm not sure how I will finish this, although I have 9 months to figure it out (which means, of course, I will forget about it until after the next Halloween).

Now I'm working on a beautiful design I started a couple of years ago, and which can be seen here. I love it, but it is a big, dense, design, so it will take me a very long time. My work so far:

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