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Monday, February 28, 2011


I've been working on Linda Abel's Heirloom Hardanger Needlecase for a number of years, and today I finally finished it:
I made a few changes here and there, including using different colors. I made only one pocket, on the left, because I wanted to leave more space on the right for a second needleflap (underneath the flap is felt, to hold needles). For the cover of that second needleflap I cross stitched a Bible verse about sewing, which seemed to suit the old-timey sampler feel of the first. The far right is blank, for now. I can use it to hold pins or threaded needles. I could attach a third needleflap, or a button or ribbon to hold scissors. In the meantime, the felt will hold my regular sewing needles, and I'll put my oddball needles (self-threaders, two-eyed needles) in the pockets.

This is part of my "set" of needle books. For tapestry needles, a kit I picked up in England:

For chenille and embroidery needles, crewelwork scroll pattern of my own design (the original case, with a dragonfly not of my design, disappeared in my old house, grr):

For quilting and applique needles, a design from American Patchwork and Quilting:


  1. What an amazing collection of needle cases! I'm jealous and I just love that you have different cases for different kinds of making. Super cool.

  2. Thanks, Olisa! I have a lot of needlecase patterns and I like to organize craft stuff so it seemed like a natural fit.