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Monday, January 31, 2011

A birdie and a teeny birdie

I finished the second bird from Fa La La La Felt yesterday:
It took so long because I did more embroidery for the wing than the pattern called for. I was going for a paisley look, but it turned into a spiral, and then I got tired of stitching. I attached it per instructions to the clothespin, but it is a bit wobbly so I may have to fix that. My flock of birds is complete, for now.

After making all those birds, it seemed fitting that the next square on my 36 Squares should be a tiny little bird:
I used a small scrap of yellow calico that came long ago from my mother's stash, and tacked it in place with small stitches. Detached chain stitches for the tail and wing, a french knot for the eye, and straight stitches for the beak, and the bird was done.

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