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Friday, June 8, 2018

Trying to Get My Crafting Mojo Back

So we moved, and we did as much possible ourselves to save money, and it was a long and drawn-out and terrible and I'M NEVER MOVING AGAIN.

Not everything has been unpacked/put away, and we are still figuring out new routines and schedules, but I'm aching to craft again. Specifically, I want to make jewelry (I always do, come summer). So I whipped up these two bracelets:
I couldn't resist the red beads when I stopped by Michaels to buy some more sticker-based hooks for the walls (we are in a rental). The "pearls" were from a stretchy bracelet Beadboy2 bought me for Mother's Day a few years ago that was too tight for my wrist. The dichroic glass dangle was an earring, the other lost long ago.

I also made a necklace with a dried floral pendant that had been floating around my jewelry box, inspired by similar ones in the latest Beadwork (I'm dying to make the necklace on the cover, too -- perfect for all the small amounts of seed beads I have):

Next up is a bracelet made from lovely teal seed beads I couldn't resist at Michaels when I went in for some headpins. Perhaps I should stop going to Michaels.


  1. I totally understand about the never moving again! The end result is worth it, but getting there is a pain.
    Your bracelets are lovely, I hadn't thought to make them that way. Your necklace is sweet too.
    Not go to Michaels? Horrors!