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Friday, September 22, 2017

It's that Time of Year

... when I get the urge to stitch, bead, and sew all things pumpkin and foliage.  First up is a scrappy pumpkin pillow, which allowed me to use a Halloween-themed charm pack from my stash:
Instead of 2.75 squares, I made mine 3.5 finished to better accommodate the 20 inch pillow form I had.  I also quilted it with perle cotton and big stitches:
To finish it I used the envelope technique, which I learned all the way back in 6th grade in my first quilting class:
No zippers!

I'm in the process of recovering the old, ugly cushions on the rocking chair. Doesn't this look better?
Speedy Beadboy3 lunges for the pillow

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