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Friday, April 29, 2016

Yarn and Stone

Mr. Beadgirl gave me a lovely skein of turquoise yarn for Christmas.  Images of crocheted jewelry on pinterest, the (fictional) power of turquoise in The Woodwife, and these color combinations percolated in my brain for a while until I made this:

I started with a long (very long) cord I made using the double chain stitch -- I wanted to be able to wrap it around my neck at least three times.  Then I rooted through my gemstone bead soup mix and picked out coral, amber, pale green chalk turquoise, and purple-dyed turquoise beads to sew on at intervals.
I liked the colors, but the result was a little flat, and I felt the necklace needed some kind of shine.  After trying out different metallic beads, I remembered the leftover metal charms and fetishes from an earlier project, and scattered those onto the cord.

For the clasp I tied a loop at one end and knotted on a large coral bead on the other:

I still have a lot of yarn left.

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