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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Everyone Loves a Clown! -- Part Two

The Circus theme for Beadboy1's summer school program culminated in a day at the circus, by which they meant a day of circus-themed festivities.  We were asked to send the children in as clowns, but we didn't actually have a clown costume.  In other times I would have purchased one, but finances are tight and the thought of making one was overwhelming, given the short notice and birthday-celebration-filled weekend.  Until, that is, I found this super-easy tutorial.  A t-shirt from Mr. Beadgirl, two lengths of ribbon, three pompoms (two were already made!), a length of stretchy orange velvet, and fifteen minutes of sewing and gluing resulted in this:
My only regret was not having a red nose for him to wear.  But knowing Beadboy1, there's no way he would have kept it on all day.


  1. Great costume! Don't you just lob these themed days? Send your child as a Victorian chimney sweep or a Tudor page boy.

    1. My favorite is Halloween, aka "book character day" -- and they don't believe comics count as books. Add in Beadboy2's very particular notions of what his costume should look like, and I go insane every October.