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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beaded Beads IV

Long ago I made these earrings:
It was cloudy the day I took the picture
The pattern was for a "caged beaded bead" by Carol Wilcox Wells (March/April 2000 issue of Beadwork), but I made two, adding a loop to one end and fringe to the other.

I had leftover beads, so why not make more in the same color scheme?
(Actually, I didn't quite have enough beads, and lucky me, they no longer make that shade of purple, and the metal beads -- actual white gold if I recall correctly -- are super expensive now.  I did find a darker matte purple for the larger bead.)

These three are Wonder Beads, designed by Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick:

A saucer-shaped bead in different colors, just because
The basic patterns can be found in the April 2001 and 2005 issues of Bead & Button; the designers encourage customization (not that I did a whole lot of that).

To go with them, as spacers, I made these Peyote Donuts by Sharon Bateman (Beadwork April/May 2003):
The construction on these was kind of neat -- you bead the inner circumference first, expanding out both at the top and the bottom, and sew the rings shut along the outer circumference.  I'm thinking of repeating this on a much larger scale to make a bangle. (I'm not sure if the structure will hold, though.)

All together, now:

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