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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Next in the Circle Series

I've started the third and last panel in my embellished "circle series."  The idea came from Katherine Shaughnessy's The New Crewel, specifically her Circle Sampler.
 As usual, my camera did a crappy job of capturing the colors.

Satin stitch:

French knot stalks:

Stem stitch:

Spiderweb stitch:

French knots:

Blanket stitch:

Straight stitch:

Chain stitch:


  1. Love this! I haven't done much stitching with wool. How do you feel about it? This is making me want to take the dive.

  2. Thanks! Although this is actually cotton floss. You should try stitching with wool, though. I like it quite a bit -- fuzzy and matte, and very forgiving. It makes shading easier, too.