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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Crazy Quilting . . .

. . . demonstrating how nit-picky and fiddly I can be.

"Christine's Blossom":
(So-called in the Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool.)  I used a tiny little needle to stitch a tiny little running stitch through tiny little pieces of 3mm ribbon.  And I did it eight times.

Oyster stitch:

Zig-zag coral stitch:
I did the stitch first along the stitch, and then thought the shape would be perfect to layer over a piece of rick-rack.  I tried running it under the stitches, but they weren't quite the right length or width. I unpicked all my pretty stitches and sewed it again, this time couching down the rick-rack.

Laced herringbone stitch with detached chain:

Loop stitch with seed beads and bugles:
Notice that I wasn't nit-picky enough to make sure all the stitches were the same height.


  1. Wow, lady! Those are some beautiful stitches! I love the coral stitch over the ric-rac. I've never been able to do that darn stitch, there's something about it I can't get quite right. I can't wait to see how this all turns out, I'm loving all of the color so far!

  2. Thanks! I actually had to figure out my own way to do the coral stitch, because both the left-handed and right-handed instructions the book I used (linked to above) didn't make any sense; I also had the foresight to write my version down. I'm away right now, but if you are interested, send me an email next week and I can tell you my version -- maybe it would work for you.