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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Stitch-Along Finished!

The past few weeks have been hectic -- a trip to visit Beadmom and Fr. Beadbrother, three and a half weeks of my damn wiener kids running amok at home all day, school supply shopping, car trouble (three batteries in three weeks!). I did manage to finish the stitch-along, however, and only a week late (a record for me).

The whole thing:
There are two uncovered dots just on the edge, which will get cut off when I applique the circle down. On the one hand, I only wanted to embellish complete dots. On the other hand, they appear obvious and naked. I'll have to decide what'll look best once it is sewn onto its backing.

Close-ups (other than the four discussed earlier):


  1. I adore all of the details! I have some fabric that I want to play with, not with the beads (I don't have your skills). You've inspired me, again.

  2. Thanks, Olisa! And really, sewing on beads is so easy, as long as you have a beading needle.