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Monday, July 11, 2011

Well That Was Unexpected

I'm used to Beadoy1 spending the weekend in the hospital, not Mr. Beadgirl. Thank God he's ok now, but my crafting plans for the weekend went out the window (I think I left them in the ER of Bellevue, along with all the patients from Riker's).

I do have some crafting news to report. New York City Folk Art Museum recently hosted a gorgeous exhibit of red and white quilts (which to my huge disappointment I was unable to see). The quilts all came from the collection of Joanna S. Rose. Her niece, the "Threadmistress," is in my Dear Jane class, and she decided to make a red and white Jane quilt for her aunt, with the help of anyone who wanted to donate a square or two. It sounded fun, so I quickly made two squares, C-3 and D-3. I did forgot to photograph them, but you can see them at Threadmistress's blog right here.

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