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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gee's Bend Cuff

I sewed all those (square-stitched) squares and rectangles into a cuff:
The kit was designed by Cathy Collison for Glass Garden Beads, based on the incredible Gee's Bend quilts (I think this one, specifically); Mr. Beadgirl gave it to me for Christmas. The kit came with 17 different colors of seed beads, which I cycled through as I made the components to keep the colors balanced, using less of the pink and orange whenever the bands of colors used per component set wasn't a multiple of 17 (which, unsurprisingly, was often). I also left off three of the medium squares, to make the cuff a little shorter for my wrist. I have a lot of the beads left, so I may make a couple of the biggest squares for earrings.

It's the perfect summer jewelry -- bright, summer-garden colors, and a bracelet (that won't be covered up by long sleeves) rather than a tight or confining ring or necklace.

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