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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alabama Stitching

Beadmom and Father Beadbrother came to visit for a week, so not much crafting got done (especially since my sewing room is also a guest room). I did start a skirt for myself. The pattern is from the Alabama Stitch Book, which is all about handsewing with knit fabrics.

I've never worked with knits before, but I adored the skirt, and after seeing Artsy Crafty Babe tackle it successfully a couple of years ago, I figured I'd give it a shot too. The technique is simple -- four panels make up the skirt, each with two layers in different colors embellished with reverse applique. Stencil a design on the top layer using paint, sharpie markers, or whatever, sew a running stitch around the shape, and cut away the top layer inside the stitching line.

I've already cut out the panels, stenciled them, and completed stitching on one. (As usual, my apologies for the crappy photo; maybe my camera needs a new, not recharged, battery?)
It's been easier than I thought. Cutting out the fabric was a bitch, because I had trouble marking the design with the recommended tailor's chalk (the knit fabric is very fine and kept catching) and so I had to cut around the pattern, which was held in place with cans, which led to jerky cutting. There are various ways I can remedy this in the future, however. Layering the two pieces on top of each other smoothly was also kind of tricky, but once in place they did not budge, which made sewing less nerve-racking. The sewing itself is a piece of cake.

I'm still apprehensive about how it will all come together. I had to enlarge the pattern, and shorten it, and narrow the waist (I'm so easy to fit!). It's pretty, though!

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