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Monday, August 23, 2010

More Advent Squares

Yet again by crafty plans are spoiled, this time by an absent babysitter (taking care of an ill family member) and party-planning. Today, however, I enjoyed a leisurely morning with a mostly well-behaved Beadboy1, and I got to make the next three squares for the Advent Calendar.

The first is an Ornament:
(The pictures came out dark, unfortunately.) I cut out an ornament shape from red wool felt, and covered the top handle part with silver Kreinik braid to simulate an ornament cap. The ornament was embellished with stitching in more metallic threads, in silver, purple, and teal, and I topped it with a bit of wire twisted to form an ornament hook.

The second is holly leaves:
The leaves were cut from dark green wool felt, using a paper template I drew (after my attempts at free-hand cutting ended in failure). Three small dark red buttons serve as the berries.

Finally, mistletoe:
After studying images of mistletoe online (I hadn't encountered the real thing often enough to remember the shape of the leaves) I cut out a bunch of petal-shapes from mossy green felt and sewed them on with long stitches (which I continued a bit to create the stems). White plastic pearls and white embroidery floss tied in a bow completed it. It's not perfect, but I'm happy enough with it.

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