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Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Crafting

I'm already enjoying my first week in a long time without research, school reading, or writing. It feels create to be making things again, and I've made up for lost time.

Square 8 of my 36 Squares project:
I'm way behind, pretty much everyone has finished, but then I had no illusions about my being able to do a square each day. For this square I wanted to do an abstract design, just filling in the square with lots of color. I picked chain stitch because it is easy and fast and adds texture. But now that I am done, I see a person in it, with arms outstretched. It makes me think of a cheerful version of The Scream. (How awesome is it that when I googled that image, this was the first one to show up? Not to mention this, which Mr. Beadgirl and I bought on our honeymoon.)

My friend liked my French General garden necklace so much, she asked me to make one for her. So I did:
I also whipped up a linen bag to hold it from scrap fabric (an old skirt) and embroidered her initial on it, but of course I forgot to photograph it. And it is all the way downstairs . . .

When I was making this heart garland back in February, I set aside the hearts I cut from the pink paper cloth with paper lace and and shimmer to make little heart ornaments for myself, my mom, and my aunt. I finally got around to actually doing that:
I embroidered each one with Watercolours overdyed cotton thread and silk ribbon, and added a brass key charm to each one. I then sewed each one to its backing (ultra-suede) along the edge, pausing to gently stuff them. they're Mother's Day presents now.

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