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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen

In the middle of a two week period where I was studying for a test and researching and writing two papers and a final exam, Allen's Sugar Queen was just the break I needed -- a lovely little book* filled with quirky characters and odd events in a small town, and a touch of magic realism (one of my favorite sub-genres). The careful characterizations by Allen make this superior to other books like it; Josey, Chloe, and Della Lee are all believable characters, even if their situations are unusual, and Allen was particularly good at making Margaret an understandable, albeit unlikeable, woman. The not-at-all-surprising happy endings felt earned, and the book as a whole was delightful.

How awesome would it be to be like Chloe, and have books appear around me whenever I needed them?

*I'll avoid words and phrases like "confection," "like spun-sugar," "trifle," and "indulgent treat."

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