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Friday, January 19, 2018

Holiday Round-Up

Simply Crochet no. 63 came with a kit to make a festive llama.  I was skeptical of the color combination at first, but by the end I found it adorable:
There was a small problem with the kit, though -- not enough yarn, even though I used the smallest recommended hook.  I had to improvise on the ears, hair, and tail, using the scraps left over from the other body parts.

The llama wasn't the only crocheting I did. Back in November, I made the Granny Ripple tree skirt from Annie's Trim the Tree 2017 issue.
It's not quite big enough to go around our tree stand, so I may add another motif or two next year.

There was a lot of yarn left over. In addition to adding to the skirt, I am knitting a scarf for Beadboy2 (slow going) and I crocheted a couple of simple ornaments:

For the Three Kings Day party I threw, I made some simple beaded stars to give to the guests:

Finally, some stitching. Once everything else was made, I had the time to stitch a couple of ornaments for myself. Mmmcrafts's Partridge and Pear (LOVE the series):

And from the 2017 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue, the 2017 Christmas Bauble by Patricia Ann Designs:


  1. Beautiful roundup! The beaded stars were such a good idea and thoughtful gift. I love the festive llama, especially her little crown!

  2. The llama is great, the colours look perfect together.
    I do love the felted partridge and pear. This is such a beautiful series, I do hope that you make the rest of them.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I'm so tempted to make the rest of the ornament series, but I already have more projects than I can finish in a lifetime.

  3. I love the colors you chose on your partridge and pear! <3