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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Crochet Obsession Continues

The great thing about cousins who own alpaca ranches is that they send you skeins of yarn once they learn you've taken up crochet.

My cousin sent me a gorgeous skein made from the fleece of two baby alpacas.  It's soft, supple, and strong, a pleasure to handle after the acrylics I've been working with, and the color is a gorgeous dark taupe.  The first project was a garland of stars:

Whether because of my lack of skill, or the natural habit of the yarn, the stars were initially quite curly:
They look like they belong in a tide pool
But I blocked them,
and they came out much better:

The next project was a lacy, narrow scarf:

Just the right amount of warmth for this ridiculously warm fall we're having.

I still have about a fifth of the skein left, which I will save for just the right small project.  Thanks, Arturo!

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