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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Candy Canes Galore

One of the things I enjoy about the actual Christmas season is that after spending all of Advent (and most of the fall) focused on stitching for other people, I can finally relax and make some stuff for myself.

When putting up my candy cane garland in the kitchen I realized I needed more candy cane ornaments.  A perusal of pinterest led me to this pattern for earrings made from size 15 seed beads.  Thinking larger beads would make a good-sized candy cane, I started with size 11 beads:
I love it, but it was still a little small, so I tried next with size 8 beads:

Of course, I could I resist candy cane earrings?
That candy cane on the right is actually the first one I made with size 15 beads, but it came out wonky and misshapen, probably because my damn wiener kids were pestering me while I made it.  So I stuck it into the beaded stocking I made a few years ago:
Maybe I can make a tiny beaded teddy bear to go with it.

And now that I've made five candy canes and written "candy cane" a gazillion times, I'm done.

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