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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beaded Beads I

My beading kick continues.  I've amassed quite a pile of beaded bead patterns over the years, and it was time to start making them again.

These are "Lacy Beaded Beads" from the June 1998 issue of Bead & Button. Unfortunately, I only have the second and third pages of instructions, so I don't know who the designer is (Rebecca something).

The bead on the left I made way back in 1998, and as you can see from the squishy shape, I didn't use tight-enough tension.  The middle bead I later made with delicas, which made it nice and stiff, but also made it boxy.  The bead on the right I made last week with Czech seed beads and a proper tension, so it came out much better.

The lacy spirals remind me of planetary rings; someday I will use this pattern to make Saturn.

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