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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Button and Charm Necklace

The idea came from Beautiful Button Jewelryby Susan Davis, right there on the cover -- a necklace of peach pearls, with vintage lockets, buttons, and charms.  I rooted through my stash (including jewelry I no longer wear) and pulled together this:

Which then became this:

A locket box, into which I inserted a scrap of photocopied vintage handwriting and a lace doodad, and a plastic button with a lacy pattern:

Vintage buttons:

An inexpensive "brass" locket, another vintage button, and a milagro paired with a mother-of-pearl ring:

A little brass button (there are three more on the necklace, I wish I could remember where they are from), an orphaned earring (one of my favorites, darn it) with the lever-back finding cut off (paired with a shell button to keep the cut-off part from scratching me), and a cheap watch face with with another shell button on top: