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Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

On Pinterest I discovered this lovely wire and bead ornament, by Wild Woman Jewelry; a smaller one around my neck would be quite festive, and so I whipped one up the other night:

I started with 24 gauge craft wire in green; I would have preferred a stiffer, heavier wire but that's what I had.  I made an isosceles triangle, and then for sturdiness I went around it twice more.  I then used round nose pliers to twist the top a couple of times into a loop:

Next up was raiding my bead stash.  Fortunately I already had a little collection of seed beads in mixed colors and finishes, from previous projects:
I then cut a very long piece of 26 gauge green craft wire, wrapped one end around a bottom corner of the triangle to secure it, strung on some beads, and began wrapping the wire around the triangle:

Once I got to the top, I used the rest of the wire (without beads) to wrap back down the tree for a bit of contrast.  Et voila! 

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