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Monday, May 20, 2013

Time to Work on this Again

Since a lack of proper supplies is keeping me from finishing my more recent projects.

The T is in long and short stitch; rather than have the stitches share holes, giving the bricky look of K, I split each previous stitch.  The U is in fly stitch; I don't think I've seen this stitch stacked so densely before.


  1. Lookin' good! I made this sampler too, and I've never blogged about it which is weird since I think it's the biggest (technically speaking) embroidery I've ever done. Hm... I guess I need to do that. I've taken pictures and everything, I've just never gotten around to posting. I really loved the brick stitch as a fill stitch. I find it relaxing watching all the little lines getting filled in nice and neat. Are you using wool, how do you like it? This was my first project using that material and I had mixed feelings.

  2. Do post it, soon -- I'd love to see how yours came out.

    My first embroidery-love was crewel, so I'm quite happy to work with wool. I like the look, and the fact that it is so forgiving of muddled or imperfect stitches.