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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nothing Finished . . .

So I guess I have to show works-in-progress.

Remember the Paisley Pumpkin?  I had surrounded it with a crazy-patch border, and I'm now embellishing it:
A small project with lots of color and variety to keep me from getting bored -- perfect!  It might actually be finished by October, too.

Details, clockwise: Beaded couching, cretan stitch with detached chain stitches, chain stitch, feather stitch with beading tacking down giant rick-rack:

More feather stitch with beading (my favorite), plastic "barrettes" that hold two strands of hair making them useless couched down and with detached chain stitch leaves, buttons and beads,  net stitch tacking down a piece of embroidered gold netting, laced back stitch:

Sequins and beads, chevron stitch, ruched ribbon with little metal flowers:

Even more feather stitch with beads, and shisha mirrors (the pre-embroidered sequin kind):

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