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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick Earrings

I went up to my sewing room to 1) take care of a few things for Wild Olive's Hoop Swap and 2) pick up (it looks like a hurricane hit), but the next thing I knew, I was making totally unnecessary jewelry.

I found these cabochons at Jo-Ann's, and while they are not vintage like these, I adored the color. It took me about 10 minutes to glue them into settings and add bronze pearl dangles and copper ear wires:
I thought about while pearls, but thought they'd make the earrings too similar to these. Instead, I will wear them tonight with my steampunk bracelet (hooray for warmer weather).

I also began a pair of earrings made from worry dolls. And I found some cute little pendants to string onto a necklace. And a big Anne Choi bead that will be the centerpiece of another necklace.

It's a problem, really (well, not a real problem, more of a silly problem) -- I simply can't wear all the jewelry I make, let alone the jewelry I want to make. If only I weren't an anti-capitalist who avoids having to do anything boring and businessy, I could develop my pathetic little etsy store into a viable but tiny business, and solve the "problem." Maybe I could persuade the corporate Mr. Beadgirl to handle the business side, and leave me as the temperamental talent . . . .

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