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Monday, May 9, 2011


Boy, time passes when you get out of the habit of posting. It didn't help that I had no particular project to write about.

To celebrate spring, I made some crepe paper irises from a Martha Stewart kit I picked up a few years ago (it's shameful how often that name comes up here):
The technique was fairly simple -- use the templates to cut out leaf and petal shapes from the crepe paper, form the petals (the crepe paper stretches in neat ways, making it fun to play with), and use floral tape to attach the components to florists' wire. My results don't look as iris-y as those on the cover of the kit, and the purple crepe paper is very . . . bright, but it still makes a pretty bouquet for the mantle.

I still have three light purple irises to make when I can snatch a few more minutes. Also, the kit came with way more templates than advertised, so if anyone wants the extras, just let me know.

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